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Until Nano emissions are offset by a forest

Nano is cryptocurrency with instant transactions and zero fees, on this website you'll find live data related to the environmental impact of the Nano network. Contributing here, to plant new trees, is the perfect way for anyone to help reduce this impact. The countdown timer indicates when the planted trees from this project will have offset all emissions of the Nano network.

Psst. If you're new to Nano, now would be a great time to check out the introduction video at nano.org

Not all currencies are equal

Early cryptocurrencies require a process called mining, they're inefficient and use a huge amount of electricity per transaction.

Nano uses a technology called block lattice and doesn't require mining. This means Nano is extremely efficient and uses a tiny amount of electricity.

Electricity per transaction
0.112 Wh
950 kWh
We have a huge head start

Without taking any action, Nano is orders of magnitude greener than minable cryptocurrencies.

The Nano network has been operating since 4th october 2015, and because it's so efficient it has a relatively small carbon footprint so far.

This carbon footprint can be offset by planting trees, which absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Once the trees have offset the Nano emissions then Nano will be carbon neutral, and a truly green cryptocurrency.

Let's make it happen!

This is a community funded project, not officially linked to Nano. Nano do not have a community fund.

All contributions, no matter how small, will be spent on planting trees in the Reforestum Genesis Project, Spain.

Nano will be exchanged and used to purchase an area of new forest. The trees will then absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing the countdown for Nano to become 100% green.

Contribute now


Reforestum is a startup that was funded by Kickstarter and Indegogo. With their app you can purchase an area of land that they will reforest. Read more about Reforestum on the Reforestum website.

Reforesting is the perfect way to offset the Nano network's emissions, because as the network grows its rate of CO2 emissions will increase, and as the forest becomes more established its rate of CO2 capture will also increase.

This green curve on this graph shows the amount of CO2 that will be absorbed by the Nano forest over the next 25 years. The dotted grey line shows the CO2 emissions to date from the Nano network. The point at which these lines cross is when the Nano network will become green, and carbon neutral.

In the contribute section, use the slider or manual entry to see the impact that your contribution will have. Scroll back to this graph to see what it will look like after you've completed your contribution.


By contributing, you agree that you have read the disclaimer

5 NANO ≈ -m2 forest ≈ Carbon neutral --Y --M --D --h --m --s sooner
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  1. February 25, 2018
    The idea was born

    Inspired by /u/CanadianVelociraptor’s post on reddit, The entire Nano network is so efficient that, operating at 7000tps, it can be powered by a single wind turbine. Chats with Nano users on reddit and discord helped with calculations and development. Thanks folks!

  2. March 27, 2018
    Poll for Nano node operators.

    A poll asking node operators about their server specs was shared on reddit. Over 5% of Node operators completed the poll, providing essential data for approximating node power consumption.

  3. April 19, 2018
    Project launch

    Website is launched, and shared on Reddit and in Nano discord chat.

  4. May 3, 2018
    91 sqm of new forest

    The first contributions have been transferred to Reforestum, 91 square meters of forest are now doing their thing!


Nano network blocks

Each block in the Nano network requires a Proof of Work task. This task can take a few seconds for a device to process (depending on processor power), and is a measure that is in place to protect against spam transactions.

Taken from u/CanadianVelociraptor's post: The entire Nano network is so efficient that, operating at 7000tps, it can be powered by a single wind turbine.

Assuming that: it takes an average consumer PC two seconds to complete a PoW task and that the PC consumes 100W. An approximation for the energy used per for each PoW task can be calculated.

P (Watts) * t (hours) = E (Watt hours)

100 * 1/3600 * 2 = 0.0555Wh

The energy used by all blocks to date is calculated by multiplying the power for a single PoW task by the total number of blocks.

0.0000555kWh * 33116274 = kWh

Nano nodes

A Nano node is a device is running Nano software, and is generally running 24/7. Nodes are required for the network to function, more nodes mean better network performance and improved decentralisation.

Each day a snapshot of the number of running nodes is taken. This is used to calculate the node accumulative uptime. For example, if 1 node was running on day 1, 5 nodes on day 2 and 18 nodes on day 3 we would make the following calculation.

1 * 24 + 5 * 24 + 18 * 24 = 576hours

In reality, the numbers are much higher, with the previous snapshot showing 318 active nodes. The current approximation for accumulative uptime is 18094907 hours

An approximation of an average node has been made based on this poll of node operators: What server do you use for your Nano node?

Power consumption for an average node was calculated to be 26W. From this, the energy used by all nodes to date can be calculated.

0.026kW * 18094907h = kWh

CO2 emissions

Total network energy is approximated as the sum of the energy required for the blocks and nodes. For simplification, energy associated with other parts of the network has been ignored e.g. the internet connection of devices and nodes.

kWh + kWh = kWh

An estimation of CO2 emissions has been, based on the conversion factor of 0.2795kgCO2/kWh from EU figure 2014

There is room for refinement with this estimation, as this conversion factor is unlikely to accurately represent global emissions.

kWh * 0.2795kgCO2/kWh = kgCO2

CO2 offset

Reforestation was chosen as the method of CO2 offset. Newly planted trees capture CO2 over their lifetime. Initially, young plants capture little CO2, but over time, the CO2 capture vastly increases. The perfect match to offset a growing Nano network.

Reforestum was selected as best way to plant the forest. The process is straightforward and they provide a clear formula for CO2 capture over time. The formula was re-arranged and is used to calculate the time required to for an area of forest to capture a given amount of CO2.

The Nano network will be carbon neutral at the point in time when the CO2 offset matches the CO2 emissions. The network will be carbon negative and have a positive impact on the environment when the CO2 offset exceeds the CO2 emissions.


  • How long will it take for Nano to be green?

    Honestly, I'm not sure! It partly depends on the growth of the Nano network, but most importantly this project depends on the Nano community to contribute.
    Use the sliders to see the impact of your contribution, every contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference!

  • Are your calculations accurate?

    Significant effort has been made to ensure the figures on this website are as accurate as possible.
    The number of NANO network blocks are live. In the calculations section, where rounding and assumptions have been made they have been detailed.

  • What happens as the rate of NANO transactions increase?

    As the NANO network becomes more established the rate of transactions are likely to increase. The rate of CO2 emissions of the network will increase, meaning the time remaining to becoming carbon neutral may be extended.

  • Why is a forest a good way to offset the CO2 emissions of the Nano network?

    Starting from when the forest is planted, as time passes and the trees age and the capacity for the forest to absorb CO2 increases. This is a good match for the network, as the CO2 emissions will increase over time.

  • What is the target amount of forest?

    The aim is for CO2 absorption of the forest to match or exceed the CO2 emissions of the Nano network. When this happens, the countdown timer will reach zero. For the network to be carbon neutral within 10 years msq is required.

  • What is the payment process?

    I am accepting NANO contributions. At the end of each month, the NANO for that month will be exchanged to EUROs and used to make a purchase from Reforestum.

  • What is Reforestum, I have lots of questions?

    Check out the Reforestum website and their FAQs page.
    If you can't find answers to your specific questions, then please use their contact form.

  • Can I see the size of the NANO forest on Reforestum?

    Yes, head over to the Reforestum app, click My Forests then the Picos de Europa in Spain, then Reforesters to see isnanogreenyet.com on the leaderboard.

    They will be introducing profile pages in the future, once a profile page is setup for isnanogreenyet.com the link will be available here.


This project wouldn’t be possible without you! Many thanks:

Davey 1771 NANO   regfaker 2 NANO   George 1 NANO   Anonymous 0.897215 NANO   Bryan 5 NANO   DanielBairdEriCCooper 3 NANO   Anonymous 1 NANO   Anonymous 50 NANO   Periostracum 5 NANO   nafobet.com 1 NANO   Anonymous 5 NANO   Anonymous 0.3 NANO   Vanguard 0.5 NANO   ShillerNANO 0.000001 NANO   Arran 1 NANO   USER-35077 2 NANO   Nate 2 NANO   ChrissyG1 5 NANO   Jasper 1 NANO   burnaDLX 0.6 NANO   Anonymous 15 NANO   Bodes 1 NANO   Anonymous 0.1 NANO   Nanorai 2 NANO   Anonymous 3 NANO   Luke 1 NANO   Mush 0.5 NANO   Anonymous 0.01 NANO   EarthDay Special 0.56 NANO   Mahid 5 NANO   Anonymous 1 NANO   Anonymous 0.9 NANO   Anonymous 3 NANO   www.mitz.xyz 1.3 NANO   cypressbreeze 1 NANO   liveto107 1 NANO   hanzyfranzy 1.186484 NANO   Anonymous 1.00642 NANO   Anonymous 0.000331 NANO   Colmy 5 NANO   Roman 1 NANO   Jiikuy 0.01 NANO   Goggen 1.337 NANO   BANANO 3.5 NANO   Nikitas 1 NANO   Anonymous 11 NANO   NanoThings 1 NANO   Gregor 1 NANO   gr0vity 1 NANO   Anonymous 0.0001 NANO   Tom 0.001 NANO   Davey 0.5 NANO  

Total raised to date: 1922.208551 NANO

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A note from me (Davey)

Hi, if you made it this far, thanks for reading about the project, hopefully you’ll be inspired to get involved. I’m excited about the potential of Nano and I hope you are too! If you’re not sure why you should trust a random internet guy to buy a frorest with your Nano, that’s understandable. Feel free to get in touch with me on Reddit (u/davey1211) or Nano Discord (davey#9988) and I’ll try and answer any questions you might have. Let’s make this happen!


P.S. Let’s strive for more, this project shouldn’t be an open and closed case. As a community, we can surpass this project’s target of a carbon neutral Nano network and hit carbon negative status. That means we’ll have an overall positive impact on the planet. So, if you have a Nano sized initiative in mind, I urge you to make it a reality!


By contributing, you are giving Nano to me, Davey Brown. I am not acting as a bussiness, and I offer no legal warranty of any service. I am not affiliated with Nano.org
You have my word that 100% of all contributions will be used to fund purchases with Reforestum. Details of the purchases and area of forest will be available to view on this website and an overview will be avialable on the isnanogreenyet profile page at the Reforestum website. I do not ship anything to contributors and all contributions are non-refundable.

Privacy Policy

If you enter your name during the contribution process, then your name will be stored on the isnanogreenyet server and will be associated with the contribution that you make. This is so that your name can be shown in the contributor section of the site. If you prefer, you may leave the name field empty, your contribution will be marked as anonymous, and your name will not be stored on the server.

For each contribution, the Nano transaction ID and sender address is stored on the server. This is for ease of handling any queries after a contribution has been completed. This is not considered sensitive data as it is available to view publically on Nano block explorers.

Data is not shared with third party companies.

To modify or delete your data please contact me on Nano Discord (davey#9988) and quote your contribution ID.